Maximum number of users

Does anyone know how many users Wildfire can support on one server, this is going to be on a Xeon box 2.0Ghz with 512MB of RAM?



According to this page :

over 1000 concurrent users in several production environments, tested to support around 5000 concurrent users.

Hi cmachler,

To expand slightly on what myserver wrote, while Wildfire can can be configured to support 5000+ conncurent users you probably won’‘t be able to handle tha sort of load with the hardward you specified. Probably with a little bit of tuning (and assuming you’'re using an external database) you could probably handle ~1000 concurrent users.

Hope that helps,


Hi Ryang,

Well, I’'m planning on running an online community with integrated environment with some other PHP & Java programs and according to our predictions it will have 5000 to 10,000 concurrent users.

We will use MySQL or PgSQL for the DB and a different server will serve as the database server, because all other scripts & programs will use this server for database access. The database server will be an AMD 64 3400+ with 1GB RAM and there will be another server for Wildfire. The server that will be used for Wildfire is this :

Dual Xenon 2.8GHZ (800MHZ FSB)

2GB DDR333

running FreeBSD. This server will also serve as Apache & Tomcat server.

So this way will we be able to handle that much user or not?


Hi myserver,

There’‘s a big difference between needing to support 5,000 or 10,000 concurrent users. Given the hardware you’'ve listed and a bit of tuning 5k users should be doable but anything over that and you might want to start looking into using a couple of connection managers.

Hope that helps,