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Maximum size of a IQ?

Hello everybody,

I am currently in charge of developing a solution for our application to reload messages that are older than 24 days (since thats currently the limit for openfire for the history).

Regarding this I’d like to know whats the maximum allowed size for a IQ in openfire. I read that xmpp doesnt specify a limit here but that some xmpp solutions have indeed a limit set for this.

How does openfire handle this, and how does it behave if this limit is reached?

Thanks in advance.

I can only say that I’ve seen/used IQs with 5 MB payload, which was already quite a lot. But it worked.

RFC 6120 13.12 4. specifies a lower bound for the maximum stanza size that an XMPP server can have:

“A deployed server’s maximum stanza size MUST NOT be smaller than 10000 bytes”

So you can safely assume that every standard compliant server can handle stanzas up to 10000 bytes.

Okay, thanks for letting me know…any info on what the hard-coded limit is for openfire?