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May I suggest moving Support above Developers?

Unless I’m mis-seeing this, it seems like a lot of the developer forums are getting a lot of support requests lately. It might be because developers comes first on the lefthand column. It might lead people to the better spot to move Support above Developers. =)

This sounds like a good idea to me. Support gets a lot more traffic and is probably where people new to ignite start, so having it at the top seems logical. It’s trivial for me to move it. Anyone have a reason I shouldn’t do this?

I did always wonder why you did choose to put the developer forum above the support one. I’d sort it like: Product Releases and News, Support, Developers, Jive Lounge, Testing General.

And if it’s possible to hide new “Testing General” documents in the overview it may be nice, so normal users do not wonder about test documents.


Done! Communities are rearranged in what is hopefully a more logical order.

+100 points to dawn! =)

The space order makes much sense now except for one: I tend to agree with LG’s point about “Testing General” space. It’s more proper under “Jive Lounge”.

-50 to Dawn