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MaybeBug w/ Offline-MSG from Jabberuser


don’t know if this issue is caused by the Plugin, Openfire or maybe Spark, but…I’m sure you’ll sort that out

If I receive (being offline) a msg by an XMPP-Gateway User. When I log on, I receive that message with an (Offline) Tag in front of it. Thats fine.

But: The contact I got the message from shows as offline in the MSG-Box (he’s not according to the List)

The contact is marked as “not in your list”…aka the green plus-button is showing.

Contact is shown as Name\40domain.tld in the header, the tab-field and in the textlogbox, but with an …@… next to the avatar.

The Chat-History looks good, older chats are showing). So maybe some part connects that user to the one in the roster, some parts seem to trip over the /40 it seems?

When I close the chatwindow and reopen the actual contact on the roster, everything looks like it should:

Name everywhere is the acutal nickname say “Mr. Jabber”, user marked as online, the green plus is gone.

The conversation before is showing in the logs.


would be nice to get at least some kind of “Don’t know what you’re talking about, everything’s nice and smooth over here at HQ” if this problem is only my problem @jadestorm

This is not something the IM Gateway can do anything about. The client would need to do something about this.

As the client is Spark I assume I’m still at the right address (even though in the wrong forum, I admit)