Media Proxy Settings Bug

Version: Openfire 3.7.1

Java Version: 1.6.0_22 Sun Microsystems Inc

“Port Range Min.” and “Port Range Max.” are hardcoded to the values 10000 and 20000 respectively. Changes in the webinterface just don’t stick. I’m trying to change the range to 57250:57500.

They are not hardcoded. It seems you must specify a gap more than a 1000 between min and max and then it lets you save anything. Otherwise it will switch to the previous value.

57250 and 58251 will save. Don’t know what’s the reason behind that.

Thanks for looking into this. I don’t think there is a reason though, RTP will use the even ports and RTCP will use the odd ports, so for the range 57250-57500, there would be a maximum 128 concurrent streams.

My openfire installation is incredibly small and I’m trying to shrink the port range. Possibly this could be promoted to the JIRA issue tracker?

I have filed this as a bug OF-492, because i can’t find a reason why it has to have such limitation. Unless someone will correct me.

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Thanks, unfortunately no work has been made towards this bug report.

I’ve set the range to 57250-58251, opened the firewall (obviously) yet can’t seem to figure out how to make this plugin work. I can’t get any active sessions. I’m using jitsi communicator, and I can only get video/audio chat when the software falls back onto google’s jingle nodes network.