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Meeting issue (on refresh or bad connection)

Dear All,
Have noticed that if user has bad connection, he can stuck, user tries to refresh the browser and now we see two / three … the same users

after we start to kick such users from admin panel

any chance to prevent this from happening?

It is not a problem as the session will time-out and will drop from admin panel.

I have noticed that, if user such case happens, and that user tries to login again…

he has error “microphone can not be access” but as soon as i kick the 1 st (and 2nd…) stuck session from that user and after he connects again - everything works

I suppose when there is bad connection, maybe something stuck on session level

is there any possibility user 1 session per user per room

so if he reconnects or there is issue, old session to be logout automatically as soon as he tries to reconnect