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Members only group chat only joinable by admins


I’m using the latest OpenFire server along with SparkClients.

I have created a “members-only” group chat where I have added the three users it is intended for as “members”

However, none of them are able to connect unless I move them to the “admin” level. The error message received is “could not join room”

I must have missed something obvious, but I can’t figure out what it is, any help would be greatly appreciated

When you added them on the admin console, you specified their bare JID, that includes the @servername right?

I added them with “username” without @servername but once they show up in the list, the @servername shows up just fine.

Trying to create another room, I found that this behavior comes from having activated the “Only login with registered nickname” option.

If I deactivate it, users don’t have to be declared as admins to join, member is sufficient.

So what is it that I did not understand that comes with this option ?