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Memory Leak?

Openfire 3.8.2

java 1.7.0_25

Is it possible there is a memory leak with the fastpath plugin? We had 500-1000 chats a day and the openfire server would hang up after 3 days or so requiring a full service restart. We have gone down to maybe 100 chats and it seems to run for about 7-8 days now without a lockup.

Is there some type of memory leak or some other bug with FastPath and 3.8.2 that could be causing this?

When it locks up the web interface stops working, clients who are connected are still connectd but no one new can connect.

We have between 150 and 250 chats per day and do not see problems like this. However, we are on OpenFire 3.6.4, Java 1.7 (OpenJDK) and running the webchat plugin on Tomcat.

We did have memory problems, but they were related to having simultaneous chats creating a lot of lingering network connections.

What do your logs tell you?

Are you seeing the memory use increase over time on the OpenFire admin screen? Or Tomcat, the kernel, etc?