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Merge Whack and Messenger?

I’'m currently working on intrumenting messenger with JMX and would like to intrument classes in org.dom4j.io and org.xmpp.* I have a utility class that makes this dead simple…

Meter m = Meter.getMeter("…");


// do something complex and time consuming.



There’'s another pice to this called a MeterObserver which takes the results from a Meter and pipes it out JMX land.

So the problem is, the Meter class lives in the Messenger project and I want to add it to the Whack project, but this adds a cycle between Whack and Messenger. There are two solutions, and possibly more, that I see.

  • Place the org.xmpp.* and org.dom4j.io.* classes in messenger making whack dependant on Messenger.

  • Create another project (I’'d like org.jivesoftware.management) and put all common files in there.

Please let me know what you think.


I’‘ve never worked with Whack, but isn’'t the idea of whack to provide a library with which generic Jabber/XMPP server components can be build? From that point of view, makeing it dependant on JiveMessenger seems odd to me.

i’'d go for the second one,

cause you can see it comming that smack is going to use org.xmpp.* also and maybe even the org.dom4j suff to (or following the discussion a repacement for it).

I’'d think it makes things easyer maintainable to

anyways, i notice that you don’'t use the jamon (http://www.jamonapi.com/) monitoring tool, maybe a nice addon for JM, got a stats page that you can plug into the admin(one jsp for the report and turning on/off the monitoring).

JAMon is close but not close enough. Three features that I was looking for are:

  • JMX is the transport for representing results

  • All stats processing happens asynchronously

  • Counter for gathering arbitrary values (and storing their distribution)

JAMon does have a cool jsp for rendering results…that could surely be used as a reference.