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Merging Forums & Messenger Account base

Is there an easy way to use the same authentication source for Forums and Messenger? We use a LDAP/database combo for forums (enterprise)


There is no standard way to do it easily with Messenger 1.0.x. We’'ve changed Messenger 1.1 to make it easy to plug your own authentication and user system in to Messenger. So a customized backend could easily share your Forums backend provider with Messenger. This is either something you can do by implementing a few Java interfaces, or we can do for you through professional services.

We haven’'t committed to a release date for Messenger 1.1 but are hoping to do it sometime this month or next month. Let me know if this is critical for your decision making and I can arrange an early look at it…

We are also planning on doing an integrated release of Messenger and Forums in the future but don’'t have a set road map for when the integrated release will occur.

Hope that helps.