Message Audit Logs showing wrong date


We use message auditing on our openfire server and one thing that I have noticed is that whenever I bounce the server (Windows server 2003) or restart the openfire service between noon and midnight, that the logs split at noon instead of at midnight. So, for example, messages for today (5/2/2011) are being logged in jive.audit-20110501-000.log, but at noon the new log for 5/2 will be created and all messages will start logging in that log until the next day at noon, and so on… But, if I bounce the server during the morning (midnight till noon), the logs reflect the correct date and split at midnight. I guess my question is, does anyone know a way to correct this or a work around short of bouncing the server or restarting the service during the AM? We are using 3.7.0, but this was a problem on 3.6.4 as well.


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Anyone have any ideas? It is not a critical matter, just would be nice to know if there is a work around somehow. Does anyone know how the server determines the dates for the logs when it creates them? Does it pull the date from the system date/time?