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Message Auditing

I enabled “Message Auditing” but I guess it can’t record all chats!!! It created a .txt file and so crowded. Any program or option for better recording?

Thank you.

You can try Monitoring Service plugin.

I installed this plugin but I can’t see it in “Plugins” section!!!

What Openfire version? Monitoring plugin creates a few top menu entries (archiving, statistics).

“Openfire 4.0.2”.

Minimal version for Monitoring plugin is 4.1.0. If you tried to install it by manually dropping jar file or pointing to it, this is the reason why it hasn’t appeared in the list. Upgrade your Openfire server.

I upgraded Openfire to the last version. How can I use this plugin?

In Admin Console you should see Statistics and Archiving menus. Statistics will show how many messages your clients are sending. In Archiving you should go to Archiving Settings and enable settings you want. I think by default it doesn’t archive messages, so you need to enable it. Then you should be able to see a list of recently archived messages and do searches.