Message broadcast

being a newbi i dont know the correct title for this.

is it possible to route message to another online user in that group if the user whom the message is originally sent is offline.

if yes. could you please suggest me, where should i look into. is this related to open file or spark. also some specific area where should i concentrate to have this.

Please help.

Hello, Could anybody please answer this ?

There is no such option. You can check the Fastpath Service plugin for Openfire (Spark already has Fastpath support). You can assign agents in Fastpath and put them into queues. Then a user can send a chat request and it will be routed to available agent, then he can forward it to another agent or it will be forwarded automatically. This is not exactly what you are asking for. User has to fill a specific form to contact this service, also he will has to send his request to a service address and not to a common user.

Thank you verymuch for your reply

can it be possible by modifying the core code. if yes, then which part of the code.

Anything is possible by modifying the source I’m not a coder, but i think you will have to modify/replace the Offline Storage function, so it won’t store or bounce the message, but instead you will put you own logic to intercept packets going to offline resources and rerout them online resources. Well, i dont know how will you determine which online user of the group should receive such message, but you will have to think about this too. I think you ahve to do this with PackerInterceptor api/function. Maybe search about this on these forums or in the source.

its really a helpful answer. thanks a lot,

But I still keep this not answered, because anyone who could help in this regard will be more beneficial for me.

Thank you