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Message Events


I am trying to deliver a composing event in an MUC. I have read other threads on the topic in this forum, such as here and here

The responses seem to indicate that whilst composing events in an MUC is not generally used, a modification of the MessageEventManager will achieve this. However, i am unsure how to modify MessageEventManager from the suggestions in these posts. Would anyone know how to and be able to demonstrate?

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Nobody know?

Even an example to show a composing notification in a normal chat would be helpful as a starting block. I have tried this as well but without any luck.



Have you looked at the example code in the Smack extensions manual, which can be found here: Message Event Example

That’'s the reference I used when I first implemented message events for single user chat.


Messaging composing events are typically not used within MUC and for good reason imo.

Imagine in a room with say 20 people and they are all typing at once!! How would that look if you tried to show it.

Pretty nasty tbh.

The docs give a good example of how to use Message events in 1 - 1 chat though. If you have a read through and try it out then come back and post any specific problems you maybe having.



I agree with Jon that composing events in MUC aren’‘t shown for good reason. However, if you’‘re determined to go ahead, the first thing I’'d check is if Spark (or other clients) even sends composing notifications in a MUC. If not, it becomes a much bigger project.

After that, using XMPPConnection.addPacketListener(PacketListener, PacketFilter) may be easier than subclassing MessageEventManager.