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Message for msn contacts "your conversation is being recorded" when talks the first time


i need when my users with the IM-gateway talk to his msn contacts must show “the conversation is being recorded”, this message must show when start a conversation with a contact of MSN.


Howdy! The more I think about this, the more I think it should not be handled in the IM Gateway plugin, but rather as a standalone plugin. That would make more useful for than just gateways. Perhaps some sort of thing where you can set a message, and possibly use some domain pattern matches to trigger auto-replys of this nature. Something would need to be done to make sure that the initial speaker isn’t bombarded with messages every time. This could be done by storing a list of people who have sent an IM and whether they’ve received an alert, but that may or may not be a preferred way to handle it. I could also see it tapping into Enterprise’s conversation “recognition” that it uses with the admin console, depending on how robust that is. “Ideally”, the client itself would handle this as it has the most knowledge about new conversations. For example, upon opening up a new window (or tab), it could recognize that it’s a fresh conversation and sent an alert. That would, of course, require each client to support it.

Anyway, do you have any other thoughts on it?

Anyone else?

Anyone looking for a possibly fun plugin to write?

F:\openfire_src\src\plugins\gateway\src\java\org\jivesoftware\openfire\gateway\B aseTransport.java

Change line 1803 by:

m.setBody(“This conversations is being recorded \n”+msg!=null?msg:""); //original version m.setBody(msg);

Maybe this work…it dont matter thar the message always be present.

What you are looking at there would only go to the XMPP user, not the person on MSN and such. None-the-less, if it doesn’t matter if it goes as a part of every message, that does make it easier. Are you needing the message to go to both people? (the person on your server and who they are talking to?) Or just the “who they are talking to”?


The message must go both people.