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Message not storing in MAM archive in case of group chat

I am using Smack muc for group chat. I join a group and send some message. Later when I leave and join a room back again I try to fetch message archive but I don’t get any message. Is their some way MAM archive can store muc group message ?

Message archiving is configurable (it needs to be enabled in the configuration of the room). Openfire by default will store a limited number of messages.

If you want to be able to have a complete archive, you’ll need to install the Monitoring plugin for Openfire and enable its corresponding features.

Instant-update: ah, sorry, I only now notice that this was a Smack question, not an Openfire question. In Smack, you’ll want to use a class named MamManager, I believe.

I am using MAM manager only.
But it is not returning me any message.
I am using ejjaberd on my backend.
I checked my DB as well, no record was created for messages in the DB

This suggests that ejabberd is not configured to store the messages, either through room configuration or through configuration of the server itself. ejabberd is not developed by this community, so you might need to reach out to the ejabberd community for more help on that.

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