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Message of the Day (MotD) Plugin

The Message of the Day (MotD) is a basic, but completely functional, plugin that was explained in depth as part of a Openfire Plugin development article.

MotD gives Openfire admins the ability to have a message sent to a user each time the login:

  • Openfire 3.4.x - source | motd.jar

  • Openfire 3.3.x - source | motd.jar

  • Openfire 3.2.x - source | motd.jar

is there a version compatible with 3.4.0?

Hey Wroot,

I just uploaded a new version that works with 3.4.x. Enjoy!


Hi ryang,

I have experienced a server crash after running the plugin on Openfire 3.3.3 with a DB/2 C back end (1100 named users, appr. 250 active sessions). The whole user/session functions were gone. The admin console was still available (without user&session tab). We had to kill -9 the server. Any idea how to track that?


well, i have just installed it, enabled, tested, disabled and left that way. so far no server crashes.

Hi Walter,

Sorry to hear about the trouble. Are there any error messages in your logs?




no traces in the log. We have decided to run it with enabled debug log. If it crashes again, we will have some fingerprints. Might be a different problem.

Kind regards


Sounds good. If you do come across something let me know.



Hi Ryan

Had a play with MOTD - very smart ! Are you planning to amend it to use forms so that there is no button to use as reply, just close ?

Do you have any further ideas for enhancing this ? I’m running it on 3.3.3 at the moment.


Ryan, someone has created Disclaimer plugin, which is very similar to yours http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/161070#161070 so i thought this could be just an option in your plugin (to send message once per day)

I just want to give a final comment on my system crash. It was apparently not related to MOTD as it runs without any problem for 6 weeks now.

Hi Martyn,

That’s an interesting idea about using forms, I’ll have to look into that.

Currently I don’t have any plans for enhancing this plugin, is there anything in particular you’d want to see added to it?



Hey Wroot,

Thanks for the link. It looks like there are two or three plugins that are very similar to the MotD plugin. I think there are a number of features, some of which I mentioned in the original article, that could be added to any or all of these plugins, such as:

  • Store a history of messages so that when users who haven’t signed in for a several days would still be able to retrieve all the messages they missed.

  • Have the ability to specify a number of messages that are randomly sent out each time a user signs in, kind of like a “Tip of the Day”.

Hi Walter,

Glad to hear your problems have cleared up and to know it wasn’t a problem with this plugin.



Hi Ryan

Nothing specific, but an idea would be to present a form with perhaps buttons which were configureable.

If this was a AUP for example, OK would allow the user to close the form and proceed, a reject button would log them out.

Mot sure how easy it would be to make this configurable from the admin page (set form size and position, standard button values ie OK - proceed, Reject - close form logout, custom - admin has to add the XML).

I’m not a dev myself so just an idea, not sure if this useful or not !


Is there a version that works with 3.7.0?

I’m having problem with OpenFire 3.7.1 and Pandion 2.6.106.

On the server i have no visibile problem or error.

On Pandion, i don’t have messages on login :frowning:

What can i do to track down the problem ?



I have openfire 3.8.2 (deployed on windows 2008r2 (x64)), base on mssql (11.0.3128)

  • mssql database with list of the employees with date of the birthday.

It’s necessary to send the list of the birthday men to all employees of the organisation every morning

Solution: I to install the plugin motd (message of the day) for openfire.

The script of the database mssql is executed. And I choose the day of the birthday from this script. The result is written in a table [openfire]. [dbo]. [ofProperty] in line [plugin.motd.message].

The problem is the openfire applies changes only after reset.

Can somebody tell me** how to restart the plugin motd from the command line of the Windows** (or the another means of the Windows planner)?

Thank you and sorry for my English.


Is there a way to have this plugin pick its message from a random line inside a given text file?