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Message Queue for openfire server

Hi All,

I would like to know where the message queue for openfire server stored. In my project i would like not to attach any listner for indiviual connection but i would like to keep message queue of openfire server, so when ever i want to get message i will just go and fetch form it. I know it defies pupose of instant chat but i need some way to acheive this. Any pointers where to start from.



Hey Yash,

Are you referring to the case when you send messages to a user that is offline? Do you want to have access to the offline messages and handle them instead of getting them once you become online? If that is what you need then you can use XEP-0013: Flexible Offline Message Retrieval. You will need to use a client that has support for that XMPP extension. If you are using the Smack library then you are in the right path since Smack has support for Flexible Offline Message Retrieval.


– Gato