Message text not appearing in Spark 2.5 beta 2

I am having trouble with Spark 2.5 beta 2 where messages are transmitted and received, but the text of the message is not appearing in the chat window. All that appears in my chat window is the time and the display name associated with the message (either mine or my buddy). There is no line feed after the name, so with each successive message, the times and names are strung out on one line. I can see the text of the message in the debug window. The recepient on an earlier version of Spark receives (and can see) my messages. I am running on Vista, but another co-worker experienced the same problem on XP.

I was hoping to test the SSO, but I read in other threads that it’‘s not ready for prime time, yet. I’‘m looking forward to it’‘s release, because I’'m also not able to get Pandion to connect to Wildfire 3.2.

As weird as this sounds I bet you are getting hit with this bug:

Check your log if you are seeing exceptions on the emoticons trying to download the DTD add your http proxy in the settings (the ones that first appear before you log in). We were seeing some similar text missing issues in beta 1 as well.


No kidding. I would have never guessed that. I was indeed seeing exceptions with emoticons in my logs. I added an http proxy and signed in again and it seems to be working much better. Now I wonder what my boss was trying to tell me earlier?

Have reported it yesterday in Release thread. So Emoticons cause that? Yes, emote button dissapears in chat window when this bug happens. Really high priority bug.