Message time is wrong

For some reason the time zones for my area are wrong. I am in EST and the software has that as a -4 time zone. This causes the message to show up as 1 hour behind when it is suppose to.

Uhm…aren’'t you in Eastern Daylight Time as opposed to Eastern Standard Time, currently?

As far as I know, there are no longer any areas in the Eastern time zone that don’'t observe daylight savings time (Indiana started observing it this year)


I guess the technical way of putting it is I am on (GMT -5:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada) When I stated EST that is just to let you know the time zone not stating that I am EST or EDT.

Oh in the server software it says (-4:00 GMT) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Ah, ok, I see where you’'re saying.

What platform are you running this on?

To the best of my knowledge, that information is drawn via Java calls from the underlying OS setup.

Perhaps the OS isn’'t set up to observe daylight savings? If its saying eastern time and -4 GMT in late April, that would appear to be the case.


The system in Windows 2000. Yes it is set to observe DST.


you may change your time zone within the JVM by adding -Duser.timezone=Europe/Berlin to the java call or for Windows to your vmoptions file. You may find time zones in %programfiles%\Java\jdk1.5.0_06\jre\lib\tzmappings - I usually set it to Europe/Berlin but this will not be the right setting for you.


I am having exactly the same issue. Log entries for the chat logging are 1 hour off. My system is running Windows 2003, the system time zone is set for GMT -5:00, yet wildfire shows my area as GMT -4:00. A comparison of the time zone settings in wildfire vs my system shows they’'re all sorts of wrong. System is on left, Wildfire 3.01 on right:

Notice Azores is 1 hour off, Mid-Atlantic is correct, then Greenland is an hour off again.

My system is running jre 1.5.0_07.

Is this a Java problem or a bug within WF?


I have problems to understand what the TZ setting in the WF server settings compared to JVM exaclty mean. Especially when OS, JVM and WF settings are different. I need to do the following: Server platform (UNIX) shall be set to GMT but WF running on that platform shall use local time (UTC+06:30).