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Message Timestamp

I’‘ve been investigating smack API for use in a project. The Packet.toXML() method doesn’‘t seem to have a timestamp associated with it. Does XMPP messages have a notion of a timestamp? If so, is there any way to access it from the API? Looking over the API, it’'s not evident on if getting the timestamp is possible.

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Generally speaking, no, there are no timestamps associated with packets. Some packets do contain timestamps though, for instance offline messages delivered from the server contain timestamps.



Hi Alex,
how do I retrieve the timestamp for offline messages and MAM archived messages?

You noticed, that this Thread is 12 years old? :smiley:

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Oops! Didn’t take note of that. I had used hours to find the solution before I finally threw the question without checking the timestamp :wink:

But can you help me on that or should I start new thread? :roll_eyes: