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Messages are being lost(Intermediate issue) using openfire server and strophe.js client

Hi there,

I am using openfire 4.3.2 cluster enable server. I have 2 nodes and 1 load balancer.
Also use monitor plugin to save chat messages. I am developing web application and using strophe.js library for client side.

While sending group chat message, messages being lost very rarely. I am not able to find root cause why messages are being lost ?
Message send using strophe.js which is not showing on chat room but that message exist in ofmessagearchieve table but not in ofmucconversationlog table.

Found stacktrace from logs:-
org.jivesoftware.openfire.http.HttpConnectionClosedException: The http connection is no longer available to deliver content
2019.04.23 23:35:20 org.jivesoftware.openfire.http.HttpBindServlet - Error sending packet to client.

Can anyone help me on why that message is being lost ?

Is there any way to know that message is successfully sent to server or chat room using strophe.js client libarary ?

Please help me on this.

Try using a websocket connection with Strophe instead of http-bind - wss://your-server/ws/

@Dele_Olajide:- let me try wss instread of http-bind.

Hi @Dele_Olajide:- Now i am using web socket with strophe.js client and stream management plugin.
Chat is working fine but i want chat acknowledgement from server.
When i send request for message acknowledgement i got Higher reported acknowledge count than unacknowledged stanzas. Reported Acknowledge Count: 3 - Unacknowledge Stanza Count: 0 - New: 3 - Previous: 0 error in stream-stream-management.js

Please help me on this.