Messages can't be cleared

i had cleared message on winda user, i did these steps

1.right click on field chat

2.the permanently delete log form will appear

3.i pressed YES button ( the messages cleared )

4.when i double click on winda user,there are messages on the user

can anyone tell me how can i delete those messages which appeared on some users. therefore,these messages didn’t appeare again


Hi, you can try temporarily changing you GUI Language to something else and then back to English. Then deleting works (at least for me). Have filed this as SPARK-1562. Not the first weird thing i find out about how Java handles locales/languages…

hi wroot, thank you for reply. you mean languages on spark

actions - languages


yes,it works wroot…it means that java can’t settle english language but can overcome overseas language?

really strange

Can’t reproduce this anymore with the current Spark version. So, closing the ticket.