Messages dont showup in chat window

I think i have seen this issue posted a lot. But i have never experienced this myself (nor at home, nor at work). My collegue havent complained about this either. But few months ago i have installed Spark to another coworker and everything was fine (except of a laziness and lockups of Spark). Few weeks ago this appeared the first time. She wasnt able to see her sent messages until the chat window was reopened. Same with the received messages. She’s getting a popup, but nothing appears in opened chat window. Sometimes this would go away by itself. But the solution is to remove profile. First time i have deleted everything except the It helped for a week. Today i have deleted whole profile and started from scratch. Works fine so far.

I have a suspicion this can be caused by transcipt logs. Well, problem is appearing with messages showing up and Spark is showing a bit of recent history in a window by default. Could be related. Next time i will try to delete only transcripts.

Another thing is maybe windows updates. First two times i believe happened just after the recent updates.

Logs are empty (it’s just a week old profile).

Spark 2.5.8

Windows XP SP2

welcome to the club .

What percent of you users has this problem? for me it’s 25% so far if we ever switch to Spark, i dont wish to have constant problems with ~50 or more users.

We have consistant reports of this issue from about 10 users. That does not mean that others are not having the issue it just means they are not reporting it. Genreally just quitting spark and relaunching it fixes the issue for an undetermined amount of time. When that does not work trashing the spark profile certainly does.

is there a fix for this yet? users here are loosing confidence in the server again, they cant be sure the message is getting to the user, so they are all emailing or foning them kinda defies the point a lot!

we use pandion here mainly however it still happens regardless of jab client. the mac boys use psi and there are still a few spark users out there .all report the problem.

This thread is about Spark (and only Spark) not showing messages outgoing and coming. But these messages still are send and received. So it’s not related to your problem. You have something with your server i think. If it’s Openfire it could be network problems or memory problems. But you should post about this in Openfire Support forum.