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Messages Lost during Web Page Transition

Hi, I’m using OpenFire 3.6.4 and JSJAC 1.3.2 as a chat client. We have the chat client embedded in a webpage just like Facebook chatbar. When the user navigates to other pages, we use suspend and resume the HTTP-BIND connection. But the problem with that is if somebody sends messages to the user while the connection is suspended, the incoming messages are all lost. Is there anyway we can retrive messages lost during the suspension?

Thank you very much

I wonder how by standards xmpp server should treat such suspended connections. Maybe it should treat them as offline and store messages in offline storage. Maybe now Openfire thinks that user is still online, sends the messages and they get lost. Someone wiser should comment on that.

Btw, you shouldn’t put semicolons between tags in thread. Just spaces. With semicolons all tags were treated as one tag I have fixed this for you.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried to go offline but it caused other people’s roster flickering on/offline when trying to navigate from page to page. Or is there a way to trick OpenFire to store offline messages without really going offfline?