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Messages not Instant

Here’'s the output when I have a message waiting and I login:

Using specified Host/Port: 5222


AUTOUPDATE: Rounded = 4/3/2005 1:09:45 AM


Excellent, that last XML confirms what I was thinking that it was going on.

This is the “header” of the message that you got: . Notice that it was sent to carlos@jabber.org and not to carlos@rockwithme.org. So the problem is that the server is storing offline messages to users with same username but different hostname.

I will fix that problem but you will need to tell Cindy to send messages to carlos@rockwithme.org if she wants you to get them.

Thanks for the bug report.

– Gato


The problem has been fixed but the fix will be available in the next nightly build. Notice that the latest nightly build belongs to the JM 2.2 branch which is quite stable at the moment.


– Gato

I planned (maybe a little prematurely) to use Jive at our office, and told the boss I could develop a Windows client for it (using Jabber-net API). Do you think the 2.2 is stable enough for production use (by approx 40-50 users), or should I stick with 2.1.5 and force the correct user names in my custom client?

I appended the servers domain name to the user name when I add the user to my roster (cindy@rockwithme.org in this case) instead of a plain name, and it works. Now messages are instant! I suppose I need to do the same in my client. But since I plan on releasing it as Open source when I’‘m done, this would obviously be configurable. I know I know, not another jabber client! But this one’'s in C#, and open source!

Got it! I append the domain name when adding the user to the roster, and voila! Now time to fix my client . . .


Though JM 2.2 beta and nightly builds are quite stable, I recommend using 2.1.5 for production since more changes are being implemented in JM 2.2 that will require database modifications.

A new beta of JM 2.2 will be out this week so if you need to user server-2-server communication or external components you may use that beta version. However, I still recommend using 2.1.5 if you don’'t need s2s or external components support.

The issue that you were having was originated by users sending messages to incorrect JIDs. So once you fix that (you already did) you can safely use JM 2.1.5.


– Gato

If jive server behind firewall, can be message not instant…?

because my jive server behind firewall iptables configure connection tracking …!

Hey rony,

If there is a firewall between the server and the clients or other servers and the ports are closed then no connection will be possible. So this is a case of “white or black”, where you can or cannot exchange messages.

Could you describe a little more what you are experimenting? Any error in the log files?


– Gato