Messages not shown in chat window

Hi all.

I’m using Spark 2.6.3.

I can see date and time and even username, but no messages are shown, sent to or by me.

I send log file attached.

I also used debugger on startup, but don’t know how to retrieve logs from it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks. (1825 Bytes)

I have got to save the received and sent packets from Smack debugger.

I send them attached.

Regards. (14247 Bytes) (1563 Bytes)


you have installed Spark without admin rights on that machine. This causes an error in the creation of the emoticons (indicated in the error log by file not found.) Resolution: Delete the roaming Spark profile at C:\Users\xIS10490\AppData\Roaming\ and create a new one by login into Spark again. You will have to enter server and connection settings again.

I assume that you are using Spark 2.5.8. The latest Spark 2.6.3 has a bug fix for this.


Hi Walter.

Thanks so much for your help, but the workaround didn’t work.

I renamed the folder and Spark created a new one, but the problem remains.

That’s right, my user doesn’t have admin rights.

Is that a requirement for Spark to work correctly?

However I confirm to you that the Spark version is 2.6.3. You can see it in the attached image.

Could the bug fix have a bug?



Hi there.

I don’t know what the problem was yet.

But I have reinstalled Spark in folder D:\Programs and the error has disappeared.

D:\ is a data partition in the hard disk.

I hope that this solution may help other people with the same problem.