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Messenger Broadcast Plugin

I’‘ve got the Broadcast plugin installed and working. Planning on using either Gaim or Pandion as my IM clients, but can’'t figure out an easy way to access the “All User Broadcast”.

I’'d like to be able to have “All User” in my buddy list, that I could just double click and type a message to. Is this possible?

Currently I’'m just creating a new message typing in the all@broadcast.foobar.com, and then sending a message. Is there a better way?

Thanks —

Hi shawdog,

You could add the all@broadcast.foobar.com to your contact list? Then you don’'t have to type the JID each time you want to broadcast. I think the user will allways offline (is there no way to change this?).


Thanks for the idea. Of done that, just wish I could mark that user as always online at the server level. Depending on the messenger client showing Offline contacts can be tough, or inconvenient.

Thanks again,