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Messenger for mobile

Hello all,

I wasn`t able to find any info but is there a version of Spark that works on Windows mobile? Are you aweare of / have used any messenger that works with openfire under windows mobile? Any names?

Thanks in advance.

i think there is no Spark client for mobile, but it uses Smack library, so one can maybe create smack based client. Though it should be java based. Dont know much about windows mobile’s java support.

there is a number of other mobile clients in the net. have you tried? what features are you lacking that Spark has?

I actually ,only need a messenger that I can use with openfire server. I have tried agile but it does not let me enter the server info.

Are you aware of any messenger for mobile that supports xmpp that will let me enter my server info?


have found that URLs in my notes:












some of them are for pocketpc though

Thanks for the answer,

I have looked at the clients you have written but the thing is these clients will not let you enter your server info to connect. They are pre configured with gtalk, msn, jabber etc. Or am I missing something?


I havent tested those clients myself, but if they stay that they are jabber clients, so i assume there should be an option to specify a server, because jabber is not depending on some specifical servers (like msn, icq and others do). but maybe developers of those clients have hardcoded some servers into their clients, some sort of branding or like that. Not good then.

As a note to this discussion - I am using OctroTalk and just logging into my server as a Jabber server. Seems to work great!


Which version of Octrox. I have the OctroTalk Windows Mobile Pocket PC running on a HTC Touch 3050. I’m able to Jabber login to our test Openfire. I’m able to Chat and access conference chatrooms. OctroTalk has Audio and Vidoe capability but those feature settings are not exposed in the GUI.

I’m running 2.01 for PocketPC (HTC TyTN II) - The chat function works kine, but I never used the viteo or talk stuff. Upon futher investigation, the features for audio and video have “call” and “hangup” greyed out. I messed with it for a bit but can’t seem to get it to work…

A coworker of mine uses IM+ to connect to our Openfire server. Seems to work fine.

I am using IM+ on my iphone to connect to my openfire jabber server but having troubles with my account. I can connect the same openfire account in spark and trillian but not IM+. Has anyone found a solution with IM+ iPhone?