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Messenger Loses Connection with Asterisk

I’‘m running Messenger 2.2.1 with the Asterisk IM plugin 1.0 beta 2, and connecting to a local Asterisk server running Asterisk@Home. Systems are currently being tested, and not running with full users. Everything seems to be working fine, but after an unknown time period my Messenger server seems to lose connection with the Asterisk server. I’‘m able to see the phone extensions in the Asterisk IM admin page, so I assume the connection is still live. (Since it’‘s querying the Asterisk server.) But when a user gets on the phone neither the jabber client or the Jive Messenger sessions page show the user on the phone. If I simply go and restart Jive Messenger then suddenly the presences work. I don’‘t know the exact time period it takes to lose connection, but I’'ve been noticing it happen overnight. Neither servers are rebooted during the night. If anyone needs anymore info, let me know.


This could possibly be do to a presence not being sent correctly.

Could you confirm that you are receiving phone events from the messenger server. You can do this by using a client like Psi and turning on the xml console.

I haven’‘t restarted the Messenger server yet, so the problem is still there. Using Pandion in debug mode, I’‘m not getting any presence XML when I’'m on the phone. But here is my standard XML for a presence change.


I will need to investigage this more to see if it is reproduceable.

It could also be that the connection with asterisk manager is nolonger working, asterisk manager isn’'t really known for its fault tolerance.