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Messenger-service on Windows XP


I’‘d like to save everyone the pain I experienced today. I searched the forums, and this problem isn’'t mentioned anywhere.

I just started using Jive 2.1.2 on Windows XP Pro SP2. It was very easy to install and configure. Had it working in a few minutes using messenger.exe. Very nice job on that whole process, Jive Software–thank you.

Then I tried using messenger-service.exe and it would’‘t work. Service started and ports were created by process messenger-service.exe (could see them using TCPView from www.sysinternals.com–nice tool by the way), and no error messages in the log, no error messages in the Windows event log. Everything looked normal, but just couldn’'t connect.

It finally occured to me that the Windows Firewall might be the problem. I found an exception for messengerd.exe, but not for messenger-service.exe. I created an exception for that, and now it works fine.

Jive Software, you might want to mention this in the documentation.

Greg Holmberg

strange… need more details on how are you using service

I’'ve tested JM with WinXP Pro SP2 some time ago. I think it was 2.1.1, maybe 2.1.0. So i have installed service:

messenger-service.exe /install

ran it:

messenger-service.exe /start

ant it worked fine. Only one port must be opened in firewall (5222 in my case, for noSSL)