Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 Public IM Connectivity

I know that Jabber Inc has already created a transport to MS Live. I was just wondering when support for this will be added to Wildfire?

I may be confused, but isn’‘t MS Live the same thing as MSN Messenger, just with a new name and updates? It certainly appears to be the same thing from my perspective with my updated “MSN Live Messenger” client or whatever it’'s called.

Surely MS’'s approach is a completely different one; for a fee, they allow your internal LCS SIP domain to communicate with MSN and other public IM users by MS themselves acting as a gateway.

For Wildfire to do the same, you’‘d think there would have to be a public server which acted as a gateway, and each of the IM providers would have to agree a method of talking to it. It’'s therefore not simply a case of ‘‘adding functionality to Wildfire’’.

The gateway plug-in addresses the same issue, but obviously you need an account on each IM network.

When the XMPP Server gateway component is developed, it’‘ll probably allow you to talk to other networks using your Google Talk ID (using GT’'s IM gateway).


MSN Live and Microsoft Live Communication Server aren’‘t the same thing; LCS is Microsoft’'s corporate IM product which uses SIP.

In order to ‘‘talk’’ to external IM solutions it has a connector to Microsoft who in turn talk to the other IM providers.