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Migrate from JabberD 1.4 to Openfire..help?

I’ve been searching for tips or ways to migrate from the spool based JabberD 1.4 to OpenFire, and have come up dry so far. Does anyone have any scripts or insights they have found on ways to migrate your users, contact lists, etc from JabberD 1.4 to Openfire?


Tom Callahan

I was looking for a way to do this as well, and came to the conclusion that no one had written something to do it, so I did so myself. =) I’m attaching it to this response.

It will convert a jabber spool directory into an XML file compatible with the “User Import Export” plugin for OpenFire. Just run:

./convert-jabber-spool.pl /var/lib/jabber > /tmp/openfire.xml

You’ll need the XML::Twig and Tie::IxHash perl modules through CPAN or your distribution.

The spool format is missing email address and name, (I just set name to the username), and I stubbed out most of the presence stuff in the roster bits, but I was able to get users/passwords/etc. imported into a jabberd -> openfire migration with this, and all seems to work.

I found that the script as posted has a number of drawbacks:

  • doesn’t carry over the ‘name’ attribute

  • doesn’t carry over the ‘email’ attribute

  • doesn’t handle the multiple locations where passwords might be located

This was producing output that openfire was barfing on as invalid, because the schema requires at least username and password attributes. So I reworked the script, and it’s posted below. Hope it helps someone.

Migrating JabberD14/MySql to OpenFire/MySql

This post ( http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/32395 ) was a bleaching on my issue, but I got the following situation:

I must migrate a current JabberD14/MySql to a OpenFire/MySql instance, as the “convert-jabber-spool-rev2.pl” script claims to do very well the conversion from JabberD14/Spool to OpenFire/XML-Format, I can´t get to know how to export my current JabberD14/MySql Database to a Spool directory so I can explicitly use the script to convert spool to xml.

Heres the jabber.xml i got from the current server ( http://pastebin.ca/1790362 ) where you can see the xdbsql strings redirection to the mysql instance, and heres the mysql tables structure created from this ( http://pastebin.ca/1790364 ).

Any help would be apreciated.

John Korb

Constel Tecnology

Anyone ?

I don’t think so. It may make sense to create some more threads with the same question.