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Migrate Jive Messenger To A New Domain

I have a situation where I am going to have to migrate my Jive Messenger server over to a new domain. Starting from scratch and having everyone re-register isn’'t an option because of the number of users involved.

I am mostly focusing on the server side of this migration, I know that each client application will have to be re-configured to reflect the new domain, and I already have a solution for the client side.

I have come up with an initial server side solution, but I wanted to run it by some of the developers/other forum members to make sure that I haven’'t missed anything.

Lets say that I currently have the domain foo.com and I am migrating to bar.net:

  1. Change the system property xmpp.domain from foo.com to bar.net.

  2. Shut down Jive Messenger.

  3. Run this SQL statement on the Jive Messenger database to change the domain on all users roster list entries:

UPDATE jiveRoster

SET jid = REPLACE (jid, ‘’@foo.com’’, ‘’@bar.net’’);

  1. Create a new keystore with the new bar.net domain.

  2. Start up Jive Messenger.

I think that’'s it. Any suggestions or comments?

Sounds like a reasonable plan. I’'d add a step 0 that includes making a full backup before you do anything and testing everything on a spare box.

Good luck!



Please let me know, whether the solution worked successfully.

I’'m planning to do the same.


I tried all of this on a test server. It seemed to work fine.

I haven’'t done the actual live server yet, it will be a few months until I do.