Migrating from Wildfire 3.1.0 to Openfire 3.5.1


I’m currently running widlfire 3.1.0 on one server, as a production service. I want to move the service to another machine, and at the same time, perform the upgrade to 3.5.1. What should be the best way to proceed? I don’t want to run any risk of breaking the current production system, so ideally, I would like to install the software on the new machine, copy the database, and perform the upgrade.

Would it work if I simply copy the db from 3.1.0 and perform the installation of 3.5.1? would it automatically upgrade the db?

Thanks for your help

Jean-Noel Colin

Hey Jean-Noel,

Wildfire…that was a looooong time ago. You may want to check out the Wildfire to Openfire Upgrade Guide.


– Gato