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Migrating OpenFire Server from Windows 7 to 8.1

Hi, our office is about to replace the Windows 7 Pro machine that currently runs our OpenFire server with an 8.1 Pro computer. I have OpenFire server installed on the new computer, but I was wondering if there’s a recommended method to move the configuration between computers? Can I just copy the bin and config folders over to the new system, or is there more involved in it? Thanks for any input you can offer!

This depends on many things, but in general yeah, you can just copy the whole Openfire folder (not just bin, which is not important, or conf). And i would first delete all the files in the target folder except for .install4j folder and uninstall.exe

What version is installed on the old PC and which you have installed on the new one? Ideally you would first install the same version and then try updating it after you copy everything and see if it runs ok. Because old backup won’t work with the latest installed version most probably. You can download the version you need from here https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/releases Updating old Openfire version to a newest one can be a complex topic of its own.

Have you just installed and not configured the server on the new PC? Because it is better not to configure it. Although you will probably replace the configuration by copying it over anyway, but still better.

Do you use embedded database? In that case it is stored in the installation folder, so it will be copied along with other stuff, when copying the whole folder.

Thanks for the details! This is my first time working with the Openfire server, so I appreciate the info!

I had installed the current version on the new computer (4.2.3) but hadn’t configured it yet. We’re currently running on 4.0.2, so for simplicity’s sake, I think I’ll follow your suggestion and uninstall 4.2.3 and then reinstall with 4.0.2, so I don’t have to worry about the version differences during the transition.

As far as embedded database, I’m not sure about that; I don’t see anything in the install folder, but I do have an embedded-db folder in the Openfire root. I’ll be sure it’s included when I copy over the files as you recommended.

Thanks again for taking the time to help with this!

If you have embedded-db in the root folder, then most probably you are using it. It should also say HSQL in Admin Console at Server Manager > Database.

As i’ve said, you should just delete everything except install4j and uninstall.exe at the new location (this way your new installation will still be correctly registered with Windows and you won’t have problems with updating it later on top). And then copy everything except install4j and uninstall.exe from the old location. Because there are also some files needed in resources folder, you may also keep old logs, etc.