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Migrating Openfire Server


We are planning to migrate our existing openfire server with a new domain name. our existing domain name is abc.xyz.com, we would like to move it to def.xyz.com. i moved the external database(MySQL). everything looks to have worked fine except for the Chat Groups. originally there were 18 groups. there were two services and one service had 18 groups and the other service was empty. but now after the move, there are 5 identical groups in both the services and i cannot find the rest of the groups.

This is what i did,

  1. Configured a new instance of Openfire on the new server.

  2. Created an empty database

  3. Restored a database dump from the old server.

Should i be doing anything else.

Also, we are planning to move to clustering sometime later. Please advice.



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Hi Shashi,

you may want to parse the dump file and replace there “abc.zyx.com” with “def.zyx.com” before you import it. Otherwise the rosters may be all corrupt. Maybe this fixes also the the groups.

On linux you may wnat to run ``cat mysql.dump | sed ‘s#abc.zyx.com#def.zyx.com#g’ >new.dump´´



Thanks for your reply, but that didn’t fix the group issue .