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Migrating Openfire

Hi All,

I’ve tried searching for help in the support section but to no avail.

I wanted to migrate Openfire from one server to another, which I’m mostly done - I just have a few issues. If anyone could offer some advice it would be helpful.

I’ve copied my Openfire folder from one server to another and this is working at the moment, but:

Under server name (under server information), Openfire still gives the name of the original server, and not the new one.

Under usernames and room names, it still references the original server ( username@servername )

We are using an external database (MSSQL).

Apart from that we aren’t having any issues. People are logging in fine and room names are also working ok…

If you change the server name then all storded data (rosters, chat logs, etc) will no longer be valid. You would need to change the server name, xmpp.domain and certificates before the server will have a new name. this can be don via the admin site, but sometime will cause issues. You should instead stop openfire edit the openfire.xml setup tag to read false. Then start openfire and step through the config of the server.