Migrating users from Tipic server to OpenFire

Hello, I have imported all of the users into OpenFire from the Tipic server xml files. I wrote a .net xml reader in C# to read each user.xml file and insert it into the ofUser table in my SQL Server OpenFire DB. None of the users have encrypted passwords. None of the 477 users can connect with a plain text password from my client application. If I log into openfire and change the password from the old one to the old one again it is deleted from the plain password column and entered into the encrypted password column. That’s all good.

What I would like to do is write a .net c# program to convert the passwords en mass. I have extracted the Blowfish class file and converted it via ikvmc to Blowfish.dll and added it as a reference in my VS 2010 project. Whenever I attemtp to run the program it dies at

Blowfish bf = new Blowfish(“password”);

Can anyone who has done this before help out with this?


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Wrote a C# project to take all of the original users and passwords and create an XML file that is the format of the import/export plugin and run it.