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Migration database OpenFire

Gentlemen, good morning!

I would like to ask for your help to solve the following problem:

Nowadays we work with an OpenFire server in a Linux Debian enviroment, where it is occuring serious clamping issues wich is infeasible to upgrade the server.

So it came a need to create a new server with the most recent version of OpenFire and it’s plugins. The main issue here is that the OpenFire server was created without the Mysql Database, it uses the Openfire Database itself wich i believe to be Java or something similar. I need to migrate this database and convert it to Mysql, I’ve already google it but I fail to find any solution. It is critical to maintain the user’s info, like the user itself, password, groups, profile pictures and description, to not impact that much for the contributors of our company.

I ask you to help me on this problem, I await your feedback.

If your old server used the embedded database, then you might be able to just copy that database file off the old server and onto the new server. I don’t know if it will work or not, but may be worth a try. Keep in mind there may have been database schema updates, etc since your production version of Openfire shipped… so copying the databse over may have some issues… so make sure to keep a backup around first!