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Migration from jabberd to jive (trying to import users with the plugin)

hi all.

i’'m trying to import 2000 users.

i have an server with jabberd-1.4.2 and i will migrate the users to jive.

i got the info from the urser’'s xml file from jabberd (username(jid), name and e-mail)

the problem is that i don’'t understand the schema of the import plugin.

could someone send me a simple file with just 2 users for me?

then i’'ll see and understand the file from wich the plugin import the users.

my e-mail is mrodrigox@yahoo.com



Hi Rodrigo,

I’‘m away from my development computer right now so I can’‘t provide you with a sample file, but what you could do is create a user (or two) through Messenger’'s Admin Console and then export those users to get a sample file.

Hope that helps,


i did that. i export 1 user that i created (user01) to export.xml then i deleted user01 and then i tryied to import this file (export.xml) and return and error message saying that the file doesn’'t fit the schema (or something like that).

Hi Rodrigo,

I’'ve attached a sample import file that contains one user. If you could try using it and let me know how it goes I would appreciate it.



thanks Ryan.

the problem is that in the file that i was generating, the creationdate and modifieddate was wrong. in my files, the date was in Unix time (number os seconds since 1970, ie 1122303290) and in the files that jive import, is in other time (1122310202942). what is this datetime?

Hi Rodrigo,

The time is in the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT, so you will just have to mulitple your time by a 1000.

Hope that helps,