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Migration from other platform

Hi all,

Is there already a script to integrate profile from users from another platform to jive messenger?

I’'m running for the moment jabberd-1.4.3 with +/- 1000 users…

Is there someone who has already some experience in this kind of task? or who has already done a test of migration?

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi niddle,

I haven’‘t done a migration from jabberd but I did a migration of ~100 users from Jabber Inc.’‘s JCP server and it was a pretty straight forward process. I wrote a little program that went through all the user data and created an xml file that I could then import into Messenger using a plugin I created. I hope to release the plugin at some point but it needs some polish before doing so, but if you’'d like to use it let me know and I can let you know how to get and use it.