Migration from Smack 2.X to 3.X

Hello ,

I am trying to upgrade from smack api 2.x to 3.x …its seems 3.x has no backword compatibility 2.x as some class have vanished (googlecoonection ), contant names have changed …its a total nightmare !! is there any migration document listing changes ??


I don’t think a migration guide was ever written. When I upgraded, I just went through looking at all the compile errors and then looked at the JavaDoc for something similar. I found most of the the required changes to be fairly self-explanatory. The change log has this to say in particular:

“Several API changes are not backwards compatible. In particular, connection handling has been significantly updated, the GroupChat class has been dropped in favor of the standardized MultiUserChat, and the Chat class has an updated API.”

For the google talk connection, you just have to set a few parameters, which is all that class was doing. A working example was posted here:

For the constants…I seem to remember most of them were just changed from upper-case to lower-case. As I recall, changing from GroupChat to MultiUserChat took the most amount of work. If you have any more specific questions, just ask.