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Migration from Ubuntu to Windows

I am migrating from an old linux box to a windows os. I have both boxes up and running. I use the embedded DB on both. I used the import/export plugin and got my 190 users np but I have a few problems…

My groups don’t migrate. I have like 25 groups. Going to be a pain to recreate all that. Is there an easier way?

Secondly, user profile informaiton does not migrate. Like the stuff that shows up in spark when the user goes to “edit my profile”. We use the job title field because when you hover over a user in spark it tells you this information. When I first set up openfire years ago, I had to manually log in as each user and fill that stuff out. (They are way too lazy to fill it out themselves!) You should be able to edit that informaiton in the openfire webinterface imo and there shoudl be a way to export and import it. Is there anyway I can get this information without recreating it all manually?


local trascript logs and contacts can be found there too.

But, those are vcards of other users… not your user.

According to the docs for the User Import/Export plugin:

The user data consists of username, password, name, email address, creation and modified date, and roster list (aka “buddy list”).

So the plugin doesn’t try to export groups or vcards.

If you are using the embedded database, it’s quite literally a file stored on the hard drive of the server.

This post from wroot describes what it is and how to handle it, and LG confirms you can copy it without damage to the database:

You may be lucky and be able to just copy it to the proper location on your new server. (Idk, have not tried it myself).

ok so your thinking I should try copying openfire.script from the linux box to the windows box and I will get all my users and my groups. I am going to give it whirl. I’ll report back. Where is it stored exactly on linux?

The vcards are stored on the clients that have Spark is installed? So if I edit my profile on one computer and then move to a different computer how does it know that info? Or are they stored on the openfire server too? So I could potentially copy all the vcards over to the new server?

ok openfire.script gets created in openfire/embedded-db after you stop openfire. i copied it over and i have all my users and groups. Its making more sense now.

Now fo rthe vcards any ideas?

ok nevermind. that brought over all the vcard info too. that was too easy. thank you for your help!

ya, that’s the “whole shabang” in that file… vcards and all.

the local vcards in the spark directory are vcards your spark client has gotten from other users.

glad you got it working