Migration openfire

Hello everyone, I’m new at the openfire and I have a new customer that it installed.

I need migration the currently database ( all setting and users from openfire ) to other machine. but, I don’t know what is the better way accomplish this.

the openfire version currently is 3.6.4 on a Linux red-hat 5.5 machine. I wish keep on the same version.

on the currently version I can loggin and export user and groups. but I wish export all settings.

what is the better way to accompish this ?


Depends on the database, but if you are using MySQL for example, you could just export the database and later import it to your customers database. I’m guessing other databases also have import/export option. Also there is an “User Import/Export” plugin available in Openfire in where you can transport all users, passwords, roster info etc to new Openfire installation.

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If they are using the embedded database, then you can just copy folders /conf and /embedded-db or better whole /openfire dir into new machine. If there is /embedded-db folder inside the /openfire folder, then most probably they do use the embedded database. To be sure you can check Admin Console > Server > Database > DB Connection URL. If you are going to install it with rpm or deb on a new machine, then you can install and then replace the installation with the folders you have copied from the old machine.

Hello everyone,

the currently Installation is with Mysql.

I have done the new installation as follow:

1 - Installed the CentOS 5.6 x86_64 with DB Mysql

2- Created the database openfire and Installed the openfire 3.6.4 ( keep on the same version )

3- dump from mysql on currently installetion: #mysqldump -h localhost -u openfire -p openfire > mydump

4- ran the installation guide by http://ip_new_machine_:9090 and setting the database fo mysql

5- restore the dum on new machine with #mysqldump -h localhost -u openfire -p openfire < mydump

6- export and import the users and groups.

7- copied the openfire folder from curretly installation to new installation

seems all it’s working but the groups haven’t been imported. the all users have been imported but all groups no!

anyone has any tip? why the groups haven’t been importted ??

in the my installation I changed the openfire home directory to /pacotes/opt/openfire. but I think no matter. right ?


I’m not familiar with mysql and dump. But why do you use import/export plugins if this dump is supposed to dump the whole database? It then should dump users, groups and rosters as well. Then probably dump is not doing this and i have nothing to advise here. Maybe there is some other tool to migrate mysql database (like “copying” it).


6- export and import the users and groups.

I’ve used the plugin import/export. but the groups hasn’t been imported! the users that’s ok but very strange

why the groups hasn’t been imported ?

any tips is welcome.


Hello, my misktake was with syntax at the mysql command.

follow the correct command for export/import BD mysql

mysqldump -u username -ppassword database_name > FILE.sql

mysql -u username -ppassword database_name < FILE.sql

after all that’s ok. all users and groups was import.