Minimum specs for OpenFire Server?

I need a Jabber server asap, but have some questions:

1. Can I manage useraccounts and subscriptions (eg. 6 months, 12 months, etc…) with plugins?

2. So what is needed for me to start for eg.

1-1000 users ?
1000 – 10000 users ?
10000 – 100000 users ?
100000 – 1000000 users ?

eg. Smart16

  • Is this a good server?

  • How many users can it handle maximum?

I’m a newbie, so could you give some options, specs and pricing for what I need in order to start at all?

To my knowledge, there are no existing plugins that allow you to manage service-subscriptions. You can, of course, create that yourself.

It’s hard to say what amount of power you need for a particular group of people. It very much depends on the amount of people that’s concurrently online, the amount and type of plugins that you have loaded, the clients that are used, the configuration of Openfire, and many other factors. That said, with an average server, you should be able to have many thousands of concurrently online users in Openfire.

So what are some minimum specs of an “average server” according to you??

Pick the second weakest that your hosting company is providing.

For estimated 10000 – 100000 users I need specs/numbers…:frowning:

You can go through that thread (a user has conducted simulated benchmarks, he also mentions hardware) OpenFire Single Server Load Testing 120,000 Concurrent Connections

As Guus told, there is no way to predict what hardware you will need based on users numbers. On one server users may be very active, have a lot of rooms, on another they may send just a few messages per day. Nobody here will be able to give you the exact number for specs. You will need a lot of RAM. CPU is less critical usually.

Thanks GUUS + WROOT,

This is EXACTLY what I needed, so if i’ve calculated right following example TEST SERVER could handle ~3600 users?

4 Cores @ 3.0 GHz or Higher
60GB SSD Storage
1Gbps Public and Private Interface
10 TB Premium Bandwidth
Primary IPv4 Allocation:
/29 IPv4 Allocation (5 Usable IP Address)
CentOS 7.0 (64 bit)

Upgrading RAM is only thing left then as USERS + activity increase, right?

Many thanks for the info, appreciated!

Again, we can’t tell how many resources will you need (even based on these tests as they are just a simulation). Yes, RAM will probably be the first thing you will need to add more. You also don’t need that much bandwidth, but this is probably comes as a part of standard package.

I understand now, the tests gave me better inside info on possibilities and capacity needed (averages).

Now I can get started with this project

Many thanks again!