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Minimum System Requirements query

Hello, all.

I’‘m looking to set up a Jabber gateway at my company that uses as few system resources as possible. Unfortunately, I have no clue how many users I expect to use this gateway. I already saw the guidelines from it2000 and Gato in this thread http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?messageID=144420&#144420, but I’'m also curious about disk space and processor speed requirements.

So in all, 4 questions:

  1. (I should probably ask this before I continue) It’'s possible to run openfire on SUSE 10 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0, right?

(actual hardware requirements:)

  1. What is the minimum hard disk size I should have on this server?

  2. What is the minimum processor speed this server should have?

  3. Should I stick with it2000’'s memory guidelines of 1MB per user, or does someone else have another guideline?

Thanks to all who take this on.


Hi Will,

if you take a look at http://www.igniterealtime.org/about/OpenfireScalability.pdf you may see that 50.000 concurrent users need only 2 GB memory, thanks to MINA. But as Openfire uses some memory for itself and memory is not expensive one can still spend 1 MB for every connected user as long as one has less than 500 users. Oleg did run a server with more than 100 users and 64 MB memory on a very old server and it did run fine, at least much better than the new server with more memory but other linux/swap problems.

You want to use also the gateway plugin which will use some memory, so you may need 1 MB for every user depending on the gateway services you are using. But I did never measure how much it actually consumes.

A server with 1 GB available memory would be nice but everything with less than 256 MB should be discarded.

@1) Linux should be fine like Suse 10, RHEL4 or CentOS 4 or Debian - use the OS you know best.

@2) You should have some space to install Java (110 MB) and Openfire and the plugins (70 MB) and probably some free bytes for updates. You need to take a close look at your log files if you spend only 70 MB for Openfire. If you want to use the embedded database you need additional space for it (400 MB unless you tune the hsqldb.log_size property).

@3) no idea, afaik it’'s less important than memory.

@4) yes, unless one has a better one for Openfire+Gateway usage (;


If somone were to leverage the connection managers would this reduce ram requirements on the server?

Or would this mean the CMs would require equal ram to the server?