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Minor Bug: 2x Your connection was closed


sometimes after resuming my computer I get two windows which both read “Spark Your connection was closed due to an error. Would you like to Log back in? Yes No”. It doesn’'t matter which button (Yes or No or Yes or No of the 2nd window) I press, the selected action is executed without problems.

I wonder why it is displayed two times.



Hi LG,

That’'s a strange error since it would only occur on the first connection error. Any other reproducable steps?



Hi Matt,

it happens still with version - I didn’‘t see it happen a few times so I thought you may have fixed it but it’'s still there:


Reproduction is not easy as it does not happen every time. But if you have a notebook or computer which accepts suspend you should be able to reproduce it after a few days.

Or I may ask if someone else is using suspend/resume and does not see this problem. You may need to move the 1st window to see that there is another window below it.


Another screen shot http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/6599/clipboard23wq.png shows the MUC “Open Chat” which was opened three times. Spark was swapped to disc completely and I clicked “Open Chat” more than once.


Hi Matt,

it seems that it does not happen if Spark is minimized in the TNA, so Spark is usually (always) open and displayed in the TaskBar. It does still happen with 1.1.4.