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Minor problem with Alt +?


one may use Alt + S to toggle “Save Password” or “Start in System Tray” on the Spark, Preferences, Login window.

The Chat window offers “Confirm P[/u]assword” and “Perfom spell checking …” for Alt + P and “Show time …” and “Show notifications …” for Alt + S.

The Sounds window offers three times “Play …” for Alt + P.

Other problems while using Alt + ? while trying to edit the profile: C[/u]ompany/City, P[/u]ostal Code/Phone/Pager

Country, State/Province does not work at all

It’‘s not easy possible to switch between Personal, Business, Home, Avatar. Avatar’‘s “Browse” and “Clear” buttons don’'t have an Alt key assigned. The same applies for “Save” and “Cancel” and also a lot of other “Ok” or “Cancel” buttons.

Alt + t for “Contacts” does nothing, “Add Contact G[/u]roup” offers “OK” and “Abbrechen”. It seems that Spark uses a Windows default dialog which uses localized text (Abbrechen=Cancel).

Alt + A usually opens the “Action” menu but not if one has the Conference tab open, there Alt + A jumps to “Add Conference Service”.

This list does not cover all Alt + ? problems but a lot of them.


Update: I should watch SPARK-284