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Miranda Sign-Off / Disconnect Problem

I’'m using a combination of Jive Messenger 2.1.3 and Miranda 0.4 with the Jabber plugin version

Miranda is unable to disconnect from the Jive Messenger server. If i set my status to Offline, all my contacts remain visible and i can still communicate with them. If I try to quit Miranda, miranda32.exe remains in my process list and does not disconnect from the jabber server.

This is probably a problem with Miranda, but I thought i would mention it here because Miranda seems to function just fine with Jabber servers other than Jive Messenger. But at the same time other Jabber clients don’'t have this problem with Jive Messenger. It seems the problem only exists when using both Miranda and Jive Messenger.

Thanks for your help!


i’‘m testing some clients when new versions of JM or clients appears. Miranda+Jabber is in list too. Yes, i have noticed the problem with miranda process staying in memory, didnt thought this is connected with JM, thought it’'s just a bug in miranda:) You can try to send email about this to Jabber Protocol developer (new one - ghazan postman ru). I have send him email or two and he replied quickly and gave me useful information. You can ask him to give you a link to newer version of protocol. I have it here, but havent tested yet. You can send me a private message with your email and i will send this version to you.

I think this is mostly Jabber Protocol problem because this plugin is in development stage still. though there were some problems with gaim and JM and after some investigation it was a JM problem:)